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Your students have hundreds of questions about college.

Why not give them the answers?

With the use of Campus AI Digital Assistant chat bot, your school has the ability to provide prospective and current students with answers they have about your college.

Nowadays, there is so much for a student to retain that it’s impossible for orientation to cover it all. Give yourself the opportunity to be there for students every step of the way through their journey.

Join our beta today, to see how you can drive engagement.

Our chatbot in a nutshell.

24/7 Availability

Be there for your students with answers around the clock.

Answer thousands of questions from thousands of students all at the same time.

Provides Support for Staff

New students, same old questions. Reduce the redundancy of answering "What is FAFSA?" for the twentieth time and allow your staff to focus on the questions that matter.

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Constant Improvement

As more and more students ask questions, the better Campus AI Digital Assistant becomes at providing answers.

Easy Maintenance

All of the updates are take care of automatically. We might just ask you on occasion to help improve your answers. That's about it.

Still deciding whether or not to join?

The question becomes, what does your school have to lose? Use it for a semester and let your students decide. At least you won’t have that feeling of what if. 

A thing or two about us.


We are a small, but mighty group of developers & designers with roots in higher education. Having experience in that space, we understand the challenges that students have.  We see the opportunity in leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as a solution to help aid in resolving those challenges. Products like Siri, Alexa & Google Home are proof of how powerful it is to have answers at your fingertips.

At one time or another we were all students. We hope that by providing a little bit of help, it will make a big impact.

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